Saturday, September 17, 2011

All in a Months Time

Seasons . . . 

Less than a month ago I took these pics . . . 
It was a hot summer night at the pool.

Tatum did the high dive that night for the first time. 
She had no fear. 
Just kept doing it.
Now all four are high dive jumpers.
Scared mom.

Two weeks ago, over Labor Day, I took all these pics in beautiful Fall weather at an Apple Orchard.

We started the picking off by spotting a deer. 
It was looking right at us.

Some of us did more tasting then picking. 
It reminded me of all the strawberries, blueberries and cherries the twins "picked" when Grammy lived in Oregon.

We did a trail hike too. It had interactive stuff a long the way.
There was a big nest so the kids were acting like birds. 

It was a pretty  hike.
Made me really miss our frequent hikes in Utah.

Binoculars are always nice.

Love this bridge. The wood work is amazing.

 Kids passed the camera around and took pics. Not sure how Coleson got this crazy pose.

Now today in order to get out of the house for a football game the kids had shorts on, pants over the shorts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, jackets, and stocking caps. 

What a difference a month makes.
Not sure that we'll make it back to that summer night pool weather again till next year but hopefully the wonderful Fall weather will return very soon.


1 comment:

ang said...

Wow! The water in that pool looks amazing!!! Must have great pool managers!!! :) Oh, I miss the pool and hot summer nights!!

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