Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Football Games

First football games for all three boys.
Good times.
They played at the same time so Jas and I kept switching back and forth.
I hated to miss either game.
I have so much to learn. . . . I don't know the game at all.
I do know who to cheer for though.
And I know how to have water and Gatorade available.
And I do know how to buy donuts after the game.
Yeah I'm a great sports mom. (ha.)
All three boys had a great time.
Be a good sport, play hard (hustle/ do your best) , and have fun.
That's the message I'm sending to my little athletes.

Ian's game . . .
He's the center. (That's what Jason just told me anyways.)

My nephew Josh.

These next two pics are thanks to my friend.
I was watching the twins play so I missed him punt.
I'm so glad she got a picture.
Thanks Michelle.

This picture crack me up. It's right before the game.
The team is in a huddle and the two cousins (Josh and Ian) are off practicing together.
One kid in the huddle is calling them over.
Love it; they are in their own world.

Twins game . . .

Carter in front, Coleson running in back.


This picture cracks me up.
Maybe they are all doing something but it looks like tug a war  - just a mess of boys grabbing each other. Love it.

This is my favorite pic of them.
It's beforehand while they were practicing.
Wonder if they'll play the same sports and be on the same team when they are in high school?
This is just the beginning.

A very good day; all the way around!

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Lynette said...

Great Pics! The Cross Crew LOVES them... AND the BOYS! The only thing missing was The Girl in a cheerleader outfit:) Miss you guys and love you all tons!

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