Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mark your Calendar

Ever get excited for something that is still so far away?
I do.
I am super excited for our next Women's Retreat.
If you came to the first one last year you know it was great.
We are planning one again.
Already have some things checked off the list.
I mailed off our contract today.

Date - - - MARCH 9 and 10 - - - check.

Location - - -same great place as last year - - - check.

Speaker - - - CHECK !!!!

This year we have a LIVE SPEAKER and I am beyond excited about it!!!

JEN HATMAKER is our speaker.

I have blogged about her latest books here here, and here.
I've underlined the heck out of them.
They have challenged and encouraged me and several of my girlfriends the last two years.

She's written several others that I have not read.

She has a new book coming out in January. 

We invited her to come and several weeks ago we got a confirmation !!!
Check out her blog and website to read about her and to hear her heart.
Her blog is posted on the right hand side of my blog as well.
The post on her blog "Letting Go" and her most recent post "After the Airport" are just amazing to read.
Click around on her website and you will hear her heart for the church; for the least of these; and for adoption.
I love the way she processes and the way she thinks.
You may not be in her exact situation or circumstance but she will challenge you; that I promise.
Girls we are in for a huge treat.
She's a Texan and I hear they are a hoot. (wink wink)
If you live in the area mark your calendar (MARCH 9-10, 2012) and be watching for details later this fall.
Space will be limited so you will want to act fast.
Last year we had to stop the registrations at 180.
It's gonna be great!!


Matt, Angie, Ethan, and Bree said...

Ok, so I totally wish I lived in NE so I could come! I have loved her books as well - since I won the mother load book :)- and then read interrupted as well. She does have an amazing way to communicate. Let me know if someone from Wichita can come (I can play music in return for a free registration) :-) Ha!

Jenna said...

Hey, I want to ask you some questions about this author, but couldn't figure out how to email you - can you send me an email?

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