Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ever since we returned from our beach trip I feel our house hold is sort of spinning.
The sibling fighting is about to send me running to the nearest bus stop.
The lack of obeying in a decent manner of time is going to make my head explode.
And the whining . . . . oh the whining.
I keep asking myself, "WHAT AM I DOING DIFFERENTLY?"
Our June was so good.
Our trip was so good.
This is what I thought the first week of summer would be like and it wasn't, it was awesome!
Maybe hitting the "halfway through summer mark" has put us in a funk.
I guess it's only been a a little over a week since we've been home.
And I was even gone for some of those days!
Maybe we'll get our act together so we can continue on with our super summer!
Today's the day - we are climbing out of this!!

In an effort to counteract the summer funk we are in and to bring some Summer Goodness to your house I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!!!
I'm reading a book that I want to share.
I'll be giving TWO copies away - it's that good.

Out of the Spin Cycle - Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load by Jen Hatmaker

I picked it up to read after hearing a fellow blogger's recommendations on it.
I've read many mom devotional books but I don't think I've ever finished one.
It's not that they aren't good.
They always have cute mother stories and an encouraging verse but to be honest my brain likes some meat to chew on.
I don't always just want a little verse to pat me on the head with the stuff I deal with as a mom.
I want depth.
This book is broken up into very short chapters that you can do one day at a time or you could read it straight through as you would a regular book.  That's what I'm doing.
Jen has a way of taking the scripture, giving you depth with it, and then spinning the biblical concept back to an issue that mothers or all ages could relate too.
She's very missional in her thinking.
I've underlined, stared, and flagged so many things I agree with and am challenged by.
This is an author I'd love to have lunch with.

Here's how to enter the drawing. You have two opportunities to get your name in the drawing.

1.  Leave a comment. Say anything or just say your name!
2.  Leave a second comment telling me one thing you do to lighten your "mother load"! 

For you guy readers - this would be a great gift to your wife so leave a comment. How do you help lighten your wives "mother load"?

For you moms in the empty nest stage - Once a mom, always a mom, you could ALL relate to this book and apply it to your life now.

I will DRAW on Friday morning and announce the winners!
Good Luck!
All this talk of "mother loads" and "spinning cycles" puts me in the mood to fold laundry.
Not really but someone's gotta do it.


Kimberlee J. said...

I can't believe I'm the first one to post! I love a giveway!!!!

KimberleeJ. said...

To lighten the mother load I send my kids to Grandma Camp!

Matt, Angie, Ethan, and Bree said...

to help lighten the load, The kids and I get out of the house to give Angie some peace and quiet. We probably don't do it enough though...

Lisa said...

sounds like a good book!

Lisa said...

To lighten the mother load, I send the kids somewhere with Travis or I go do something all by myself.

jphartog said...

Hi Nicole! Are you impressed - I've learned how to leave comments finally! I am still lovin' your blog & hope I win the book. It looks like a good one!

jphartog said...

To lighten the mother load, I try to do something I enjoy every day - exercise, read, scrapbook, etc.

Randy Wertenberger said...

Looks like a great book, Nicole!

Randy Wertenberger said...

Okay, that last comment was from me (Amy), not Randy :) What I do to lighten my load is never refuse when my family asks to take the kids for a day, a weekend, or even a week (as they are with their aunt and uncle this whole week!) I also make sure that when the younger two are napping, Drew has to have an hour of quiet time (watching a movie somedays, looking at books or playing quietly other days). That's when I'm able to have my quiet time and rest a little.

Tracy said...

Sounds like a book I would enjoy reading!

Tracy said...

To lighten my mother load I make my kids have quiet time everyday. For at least 1 hour they cannot bother me and have to play quietly in their rooms. Then I can rest or get some things done.

Heidi said...

Count me in :)

Heidi said...

To lighten my load, I send the boys out to play in the fenced in yard so I can wash the dishes. That way I can keep an eye on them, but they're out of my hair and I actually get the dishes washed :)

Christine L Quiring said...

I just folded who knows how many loads of laundry while watching some of "Empire Strikes Back" with the kids. They couldn't watch unless they folded laundry too! HA!

Christine L Quiring said...

To lighten the mother load I need my Jesus time each morning and I also need some sort of exercise. If they are driving me crazy they just get put to bed early!

Sara W said...

I'm intrigued with this book - I've had the same experience you've had with mothering books.

Sara W said...

To lighten my load I make sure I have some outlets: exercising alone, Bible Study, even just going to the grocery store alone can help.

Jodi said...

I'm really glad you added the empty nesters in there. Sometimes I think it is more worrisome to have adult children, because you no longer have any control of their actions. The one thing to lighten my mother load is spending time with the Lord AND VACATIONS!

Sweet Pea said...

This book sounds good! To lighten my load I sometimes will spend the evening on the front porch on my rocking chair sipping a diet coke and reading a book while Daddy is playing at the park across the street with Hunter.

Anonymous said...

I am getting close to becoming an empty nester and honestly . . . can't wait and am anxiously looking forward to it??!! I'm guessing that means I need to read this book?!


Micah said...

that book looks great! I need to lighten my mother load- I am not very good at doing that. My girlfriend who lives down the street and I are going to start trading days/mornings with our kiddos to give each of us a break. We both seem to get a break when that happens, because the kids entertain each other so well that we both are refreshed at the end!

Becca said...

You're so sweet to do a giveaway! I could use a good mommy devotional right now. Looks like a good one!

Becca said...

Something little I have done lately to liken my load is actually leave dirty dishes in the sink all day and take my husband up on his offer to do them in the evening. This is a big deal for me...I HATE dirty dishes in the sink! Gives me that little extra time in my day to spend with my kiddo's or doing something for myself.

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