Monday, July 12, 2010

12 Years

Things We Did to Celebrate our 12 year Anniversary

1  We solved a Murder

The Dinner Train/Murder Mystery was so much fun - you'll never believe it but after scheming to come up with a great story to share with our unknown dinner companions and deciding we'd probably just be ourselves - our table guests were the only NO SHOWS on the train. We had a table to ourselves.  Jason got a part in the murder mystery and by the end of the night got voted runner up for best actor. Hilarious. He says that is just another way of saying he got "first loser".  He silenced the train when he answered the question about what he's getting a master's in.  Telling people you are in ministry or you are a pastor is always a great conversation killer. That could be a whole other post- it was hilarious.

We scored this amazing piece of cake when our waiter found out it was our anniversary! It was DELIGHTFUL!

3  Lingered
This is where you just "be".  It's our new word around here.  It's where you create space to just be in the moment together.  No agenda.  No rush.  We want to be a couple that takes time to "linger" together.  You've seen older couples in a restaurant. Some look so content to just "be" together and others look agitated that they have to be sitting with one another for longer than it takes to eat the food. You've also seen newly married couples out and about just strolling around together enjoying the moment.  We lingered and enjoyed the moment this weekend.

Twice we asked someone to take our pic . . . otherwise we always enjoy the perk of Jason's long arms!!

4  We didn't exchange anniversary cards  
We both sort of forgot to buy them - good thing that was mutual -  instead we just told each other what we would have written in them - cheaper and sweeter - may  have to make that a tradition.

5  We walked around holding hands

It was a great weekend together!
I love my man!

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