Saturday, July 10, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be someone else or have a different job or have lived in some unique place??
Jas and I are celebrating 12 years of love this weekend on a Dinner Train-Murder Mystery.
You eat at a table with another random couple and throughout the evening you solve the mystery.
It's a risk to dine with someone we don't know.
It could be fun.
Or weird.
We decided it's all going to be part of the adventure.
We're thinking we should go with some elaborate story.
Wouldn't that be hilarious?
I'm thinking of the kind of stories that the guy named Coach told on the show Survivor.
So who should we be?
What should our story be?
Where should we be from?
What should our jobs be?
I think I want to be a photographer for some magazine where I get to travel to all sorts of exotic places just to take photos.
Jason could be my assistant.
Jason's story is that we met at a Malaria clinic in South America.
I was there because I was a nurse.
He was there because he was mapping uncharted rivers but ended up getting malaria because he saved some mans life by sucking the poison out of him that was injected into the stranger by a stray dart from cannibalistic hunters.
His story has me a little concerned about him.
He's sounding very close to that Coach guy.
We'll probably just go as ourselves but it's a funny thought!!
I'll let ya know.

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