Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Five

Friday's Five 
Five Sentences that begin with "I just might. . . "

I just might . . .  accidentally leave the house in my slippers. The kids bought me some new slippers from Target for Christmas and they are so comfortable I feel like I'm wearing shoes.  If you see me wearing slippers in the store will you quietly point it out so I can scream in embarrassment.

I just might . . .  be in love with seeing my dishes looking clean again.  Dare I say I enjoy unloading the dishwasher??  Not really but I had forgotten what some of my dishes looked like before soft water.

I just might . . . be super excited for the Women's Retreat next weekend. If you live around here I hope you are coming.  The fabulous planning team is geared up for a great weekend with you!

I just might be . . .  over the top excited that the girl I posted about here is coming to the retreat too. Oh joy!  I told you she was an amazing friend.  We are even getting an extra night and day after the conference to just hang!

I just might . . . go to bed before 10:00 tonight. If I hurry and press send it will happen! Oh how I need it.

1 comment:

weza said...

Yep I like clean dishes too. :)

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