Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Images of January

Images of our January! 
 - Snowdays - Games - Hot Chocolate - Basketball -

 (It's always good to have a brother that can teach you to eat snow.)

We've been playing a lot of Pictionary Jr.
My kids love to draw so I got the original board game over xmas and then we got the wii version from Grandpa and Grandma.
It's been a hit!!
The first night we played this drawing from Tatum cracked me up.
Tatum drew her heart out while we guessed.
She kept saying no. no. no. as we guessed.
Ian was drawing too so we finally guessed "van".
She said so sweetly and with 100% confidence that we got it from her drawing.
"Yes.  I drew the windows."
This was her van window.
Jason coached Ian's team again this year.
It was a really fun team.
3rd and 4th graders together.


1 comment:

Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

fun! i just bought ella 'tatum's coat' for next year!! it looks great in action!! ;)

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