Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Day!

The other day the boys were all talking about Martin Luther King Jr.
They were sharing with each other the things they had learned in school.
It was interesting to listen to them.
After listening for awhile I asked, "Does anyone know what his famous speech was?"
They didn't know so I said, "It goes; I . . .  (and I paused thinking this would trigger the answer)."
Instantly they all had an answer to finish my sentence.
They weren't being silly - they were genuine guesses.
Carter said, "I . . . am tired."
Coleson said, "I . . . have had enough. "
Ian said, "I . . . . object."
Obviously, they hadn't covered the "I had a dream" speech in school.
I just laughed because really all three of their sentences could have been thoughts Martin Luther King Jr. could have thought.  He had to be tired of what he was seeing in his time.  I'm sure he had had enough of it and obviously he objected to it.
It got me thinking about what he really did say . . . "I have a dream ..."
I hope my kids all have a dream.
I hope they dream of something that will influence the world.
Influence the lives of others.
I'm sure they'll get tired. It's hard work to have big dreams.
I'm sure they'll come to a point where they say "I've had enough." I hope they rely on God to push through.
I'm sure they'll encounter obstacles with their dreams that are plain wrong - I hope they'll object to the wrong and keep moving on.
I have a dream for my kids to have a dream!
Happy MLK Day!


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