Saturday, January 15, 2011


The house is quiet.
Four kids in bed - hopefully sleeping.
It's been 10 minutes since any one has said, "Mom I need . . . "
I think it's safe now for me to start something.
I'm only irritated with their need for me once I've started something.
If I'd just stand in the hallway for the first 10 minutes and wait for their call it wouldn't bug me in the least.
Back to the quiet house.
Jas is in the dungeon deep in some seminary book.
I'm tired but feel like journaling.
I've missed it lately, just been to busy.
I may journal on several different topics tonight.
I do that - I don't always post what I write the same day.
(You can schedule your blogs to post whenever or you can just let them sit as drafts and not post them at all.)
Tonight I'm thinking about JANUARY.
What does January do to you?
When we used to live so far from any type of family January was a sad month because of all the  goodbyes to family.
That's easier now.
It also makes me a little psycho on wanting to clear out stuff - declutter.
I haven't been able to do that but I have the itch.
I'm thinking this year it will be February.
It also makes me think about all the ideas we thought of before Christmas on how to give to others well and how to not have such a materialistic outlook -- how can we keep that going? How can we keep that spirit of giving to those in need go beyond December?
I'm sure it's all the talk of New Years Resolutions, but I constantly find myself in January thinking about goals and where I want to be heading in different areas of my life.
My marriage . . .
Parenting . . . .
Spiritual Disciplines . . .
Finances . . .
Friendships . . .
The other feeling I have in January quite often is exhaustion.
Kids are hyper from cold weather.
Mornings are dark.
I just want to curl up and read a book or watch a dumb show.
How about you?
What do you feel in January?


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