Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's a snow day!!!
I'm sure at some point we'll head outside.
I'm trying to pump myself up for all that work.
Right now it's just pretty to look at from within my warm house.

Over the holidays we did a fun , simple art project.
Today would have been a good day for this activity.
We made thank you cards.
All my kids love to draw so I cut blank white paper into the size of cards.
Then I drew a imperfect rectangle on the front of the card with a sharpie.
Each kid then used a fine tip sharpie to create a scene or drawing of any sort.
They turned out really good.

You could add to them by water painting them.
I thought it would make our thank you's a little more personal this year.
The hardest part was deciding which one to send to who.



Kimberlee said...

LOVE the new blog name and look! Fabulousness!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Love the new blog! Very cute! It fits you very well!! Enjoy the snow!

Jodi said...

In honor of your NEW LOOK I'm going to start posting my comments instead of just thinking them. :) Love it all! Looks awesome.
We loved getting Tatum's artwork - super idea!! I've used Avery's endless pile of painting projects for thank u cards too ... cut them in half, fold and viola, a colorful notecard. ...in fact, one might be on it's way to you right now!

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