Monday, January 24, 2011

This Little Light of Mine - Addison Road

There's a song that has been on the radio the past few weeks.
The first time I heard it the tears just flowed.
Like really flowed.
I love it.
It's a child's song and all I could do was think of my four kids.
Since the twins were about 2 we added something into our bedtime routine.
All of the boys wanted me to tickle/scratch their back.
Since I love this too, I would always say yes but obviously this could go on and on.
So the routine started that I'd sing a little song and when the song was done the scratching ended.
With four kids you have to keep moving along at bedtime or you'd be in their room for hours.
This routine is still going on.
I fear they'll be in college and asking their room mate to tickle their back and sing to them. HA))
For the past 2 or more years the song "This Little Light of Mine" has been Coleson's "go to song".
He asks for it probably 5 out of 7 nights a week.
When he was little he called it the "Bush Song".
He pulled it from the lyrics, "Hide it under a bushel; no! I'm gonna let it shine."
"Bush song" - makes sense?
Back to the song on the radio . . .
When I heard this I thought of all my kids but I really thought of Coleson.
It's his song.
He heard part of it on the radio the other day with me and I told him this was the song I had been talking about.
He said, "This is my favorite song."
I wish I could learn this entire song - and sound like her - to sing at bedtime.
These are the words I pray for Coleson; for all my kids, let your lights SHINE!
This was a good song for me to rehear tonight because my "little lights" were not so shiny after school today. :))
Enjoy it.
Think of your little lights.
(Don't forget to mute my blog music.)


There's a little flame inside us all.
Some shine bright, some shine small. 
The rains will come and the waters rise.
But don't you ever lose your light.

In this life you will know.
Love and pain, joy and sorrow.
So when it hurts; when times get hard
Don't forget whose child you are.

This Little Light of Mine 
I'm gonna let it shine
This Little Light of Mine
I'm gonna let it shine. 
Gonna let it shine.

May you live each day with no regrets.
Make the most of every chance you get.
Let your eyes get wide when you look at the stars
With the same sense of wonder as a child's heart.
With the ones you love; treasure the time.
And for those who are gone keep the memories alive.
Hold onto your dreams.
Don't Ever let go.
There's a fire in side you burning with hope.

This Little LIght of Mine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
This Little LIght of Mine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
Gonna let it shine.

There will be days when you want to give up.
When clouds settle in.
But after the rain comes the sun.
Don't you ever forget.
Don't forget.
Child don't forget.

One day there will be no more pain.
We will see Jesus face.
So until then.
I'm gonna try to brave the dark and let my little light shine.

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine.
This Little Light of Mine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
Gonna let it shine.
Oh Shine.
Gonna Let it shine.
There's a little light inside us all.



Allison Bonar said...

WOW! What an amazing song! Thanks for sharing it.

Lisa said...

Love this song! Love it even more now that I sat and read the lyrics!

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