Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer List - Part 1

Our summer is split in two this year so we split our "Summer List" in two also.
Here's Summer Part One list.

And here's some pics of some of the fun -- baseball -- friends -- camp -- and a birthday !

The cutest baseball fan.

 Camp - you gotta love counselors that will hang with your kids for days! 

They wanted to stay over night - next year - this year is was just day camp!

These guys were old pros at camp!

While the boys camped - the girls took a girls day - FUN!
Love these girls!

Started the month with a birthday! (little blurry)

 Air soft wars.

Scared of their opponent!

 I see future girl trips with this girl at hotels by a pool! 

Another birthday to celebrate! Love time with this friend!
(I forgot flip flops so after our pedi I went into Olive Garden with the cheepo foam flip flops - what's a girl to do, I couldn't ruin my pedicure.)

Summer is flying by!
In the mist of the busy I'm trying to take pictures in my mind of the small simple moments. The ones you can't plan or put on a list.
I hope you are capturing the grand moments as well as the small simple moments of your summer.

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