Friday, July 12, 2013

15 years and a bunch of other thoughts

15 yrs married.
6 months engaged.
1.5 years dating.
1 year keeping our eye on each other while dating others (just being honest; sorry people we dated that year)
18 years total of knowing each other.
Next month I turn 36 so I've now known him half of my life.
I like that.
I think it's crazy that the week we celebrate our 15th anniversary we are just days away from our next big adventure in life together.
We've had lots of adventures.
Some full of awesomeness and some mixed with a lot of work and some not so awesome.
I wonder what all this one will bring.
Regardless of it all, I'm so thankful to be beside him through all of life's adventures.

Lack of time has kept me from journaling much about this next adventure.
Church Planting - The GreenHouse.
It's been a 5+ year process but now it's time.
You can read more about it on our website.
We've been sending out monthly e-newsletters since May.
If you don't get them and would like one let us know, we'd be happy to put you on the list.

Move day is 6 days away.
Lots to pack yet and more fun to cram in.

I've been asked a lot lately how I'm doing with it all?
That's a complicated question.
I'm really excited to go.
But I'm NOT ready to leave.
Weird I know.
I didn't save up all my grieving for now though, I've been crying for 6 months.
After time with a good friend or time in the community with the kids many times I'd come home and cry knowing just how much we would miss it all.
The week of moving is just so full of so many different emotions.
On one had I'm in full "work mode" to get everything done, that holds the emotions off for awhile too.
Then on the other hand I'm sad.
Sad for goodbyes.
Sad for losses.
Sad for change.
Sad to have to start over with things.
Sad my kids will experience the same saddness.
I guess I need a third hand because I'm also so excited.
Excited to start something that has been stirring in us for years.
Excited to see what new things we get to experience.
Excited to be near old friends.
Excited for my kids to be apart of something like this.
So for those of you that have asked or wondered . . . I'm all over the board.
It will depend on what hour you ask me.
And for this hour I must kick back into productive mode.
Have a great Friday!



lindsay shackelford said...

I can relate to all those crazy emotions. I am praying for you, friend, and am so excited for you to be here on the Utah end! Happy anniversary!

Lisa said...

Hope the move went well! Thought of you this week and prayed for all of you.

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