Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am so not

You may see me sitting at the pool looking like I am all caught up and just have time to relax. 
Let me loudly say 
I know so many of you do this too.

It's how I'm coping with this huge summer transition we having coming up.

Pool time - down time - just hanging out time is critical for all of us.
I do long for the summer where I did sit at the pool with not much on my mind.
This is just a different year and it's ok.

I may have showered last week and only shaved one leg. I may have even done that 
twice this month.
I may have gotten out of my van at a restaurant with a friend recently and she may have had to tell me I forgot to turn off my car.
I may have told a friend I'd pick up her kid for practice and totally have forgotten him.

Let me tell you all I will keep being my normal self and I will offer to pick up kids and team up with all you moms on mom world but be warned I can not be trusted right now. Lol.  

The above three are proof that I'm loosing my mind in really weird ways.

Please keep loving me through the weird.
Please just laugh with me so I don't cry.

This summer is GOOD. Very Good.
It's action to what God has been stirring in our hearts for well over four years.
It's the beginning of something very good.
But let me just say it comes with a great sadness of goodbyes - 
the kind of good byes I can't talk about or I cry a river -
and it comes with worry (even fear if I'm honest) of what if's - 
and it comes with a crazy amount of tasks and busyness - 
the kind that has this list girl spinning

But in the mist of this unique summer I will pretend to relax each day and hope that in my pretending some of it will soak in and I just might really relax!

This is my summer of 2013 - it will not be one I forget.


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