Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Organizational girl on Speed

Today I was like an organizational girl on speed.
Lists and piles and crossing stuff off - and rewriting the list - how I love that!
I think we are ready ....

The kids all have their TWO bags to be in charge of. I may have told them that it's the airlines rules - each person gets two bags (which is true) so I won't be able to carry their bag because I already have two bags. So everyone has to be incharge of their own two bags.
Thank you airlines for taking one for the team.
I also no longer have to carry the days worth of snacks!
Everyone was thrilled to have their daily supply of snacks in their own bags.
Crazy how much easier this should go compared to the days of flying with a double stroller with two toddlers, a baby, and a preschooler.
Oh I wish those days someone could have followed us with a video camera through the airport.
I should dig up some old pics of that someday ... not tonight though.
Now if everyone's attitudes can just stay on the up and up it will be an amazing day!
Ready to celebrate.


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