Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hats and Congrats!!

I've been switching "hats" at a crazy speed lately.
Sometimes forgetting what "hat" I'm supposed to be wearing.
So forgive me if I start launching into something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

A week ago Jason wore this hat and we couldn't be PROUDER of him!!

The whole family (all six of us and our parents) went out to Portland, Oregon to celebrate.
It was amazing and meaningful beyond words.
Four years of hard work, little sleep, lots of balancing and deep introspection was made complete with this weekend!!

Thanks Dad for introducing us to George Fox!!!  
You were right - it shaped us!

It was so awesome to have both our parents there, we could not have done this without these past four years without them!


We finally got to meet many of his classmates. 
These guys have been on this journey with him in deep ways and I'm grateful to each of them!!
Everything is better in community!

My favorite part was the hooding ceremony. (Their were two ceremonies. A typical graduation and a hooding ceremony.) It was just so meaningful and intimate for the seminary students.  It was so obvious each person being honored had a story and had gone through a unique season to accomplish this type of an education.

We are proud of you Jason!!

I'll post more pics of the fun we had on that weekend in another post. 


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