Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun in Portland

Portland Fun 

This post is heavy on the pics! It was a great time!! 

Airport Fun - Hotel Breakfasts -  Downtown fun - Favorite Bookstore (Powells) - Good eats - Hiking - Meeting Jason's Friends - Waterfalls - Famous Donuts - AND SUNSHINE

It was all a great way to say "WAY TO GO DAD! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! YOU DID

We experienced a rare thing in Portland - NO RAIN - not one single drop. I don't think that has ever happened. My parents lived there for 5 years and I'm not sure we ever visited with out some rain. This was rare and it was beautiful! Everything is so green in Portland. 

I have pics like this when these two were 2. Love it.

(Kids got to go in the cockpit - the Pilot asked where we were going and they said Portland. He then asked, "What's in Portland?" Coleson seriously said, "The worlds biggest bookstore." End of conversation. 

The kids LOVE hotel breakfasts -- they talked about it for days before going. Once they knew we were there for more than one morning they were thrilled. It was funny listening to them all talk about what they'd be getting each day. Simple things people simple things!!! 

And yes we go down in pjs - well they do. I gift the hotel people with my sweat pants and a hoodie.

I love these kids.

DownTown Fun

City block size book store - Jason brought the kids a book back each time he was in Portland for classes - it was a highlight of the trip for them! We love books!!
(and no one was lost in our shopping adventure -- :)) 

Multanomah Falls

On campus Pics

The ceremonies were long but the kids thankfully rocked it! 

Celebration Lunch after graduation

I think we went here three times -- ice cream by the pound right next to our hotel! Good times.

After a long day of traveling I literally thought she would fall asleep eating her ice cream - reminded me of when they'd fall asleep in their high chairs. 

We got to spend the day with the Hansens -- they've been hosting Jason for several years now when he would be out there for classes - it was awesome to meet his "second family"! What a fun family! 
Had a great day hiking "Seven Falls". 


Another day down town - hit the famous Voodoo Donuts 
(super weird name but it's culture - the line can curve down the block; it's crazy )

Yes that would be bacon on a donut - and that huge one is about the size of a dessert plate. 

The girl got the camera for a bit.

Ate at a place Jason and his buddies ate at often. YUMMY!

I'm sure our presence in the city helped keep this true!!
Great times and great memories!


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Lisa said...

You have no idea how jealous I am looking at these pictures! I just might want to move back there right now!! Loved seeing all the places you went, many of our favorites!

Congrats to Jason! So glad all of you and your parents were able to go!

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