Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
I promise I have not forgotten you.
I think of you so often.
I want to sit and write.
I want to sit and share the thoughts in my mind.
I want to share pictures of normal days and great days.
I miss you.
I never planned to leave you for so long.
I actually never planned to leave at all.
I am shocked it's been almost 2 and a half months since we've shared a moment together.
I promise I'll be back.
I promise it will be soon.
I promise I won't wait till I have everything done and in order or else we both know I'll never return.
I still like you blog.
I still want you in my life.
Until I return I'll leave you with pics from a major event in our house .... the LAST "First Tooth" to lose.
See you soon my sweet blog,


1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love her note and the one you (I mean the "tooth fairy") wrote back! So cute! I read it out loud and Travis said, "a lot of lying going on there!" Ha ha! Addison was always really concerned too about keeping her teeth.

I feel the same as you on blogging. It seems like I haven't looked at blogs, or my own blog, in forever. I want to, just need to make the time! Always love reading your blog!!

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