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2012 Kid Comments 
( I didn't keep track very well this year. I did't record them as the year went so I've lost many of them. I'm bummed I didn't record more because the kids say things on a daily basis I wish I could remember. They are all so insightful and funny.  These are the ones I found on scratch paper to add to the list. This year Coleson seems to be the one with so many one liners. 


Coleson Ordering food at Cracker Barrell
Coleson: I'd like two pancakes.
Waitress: Is maple syrup ok?
Coleson: Nah. Just normal syrup. 
(Dec '12)


We saw a homeless man at the intersection and the kids wanted to go buy him 
some things at Walmart. 
We did but as we were driving Coleson was looking out the window and said, "I just don't get it. I just don't get how people can just drive by."
(Nov '12)

Tatum's prayer the night after we told the kids we were moving to Utah.
"Thank you that we are spreading the light to Utah. I know my friends will miss me and I will miss them but I will make new friends. Amen."
(Such simple thinking and faith. Nov. '12)

Me: Tatum what do you think you are going to be when you grow up?

Tatum:  I know what I'm NOT going to be. I'm not going to be a garbage dumper. (Pause) 
I'm going to be a dance teacher and work at a massage place and a earring place and a jewelry place and a wedding place.

The morning before Tatum did the homecoming coronation she had this coversation with Jason in the van on the way to school.
Tatum: Blake and I are going to be pretty nervous tonight.
Jason: Why? You will do great.
Tatum: Just don't let mom say out loud (in a deep voice) 'that's my baby'.
(Hilarious ... when have I ever done that in public. ha!!)
(October 2012)

Jason and Tatum were building legos.
Jason: Tatum are you humble?
Tatum: No. I’m not a humble. What does that even mean?
Jason: If you hear the word humble what do you think that means.
Tatum: Big head. Big brain. (Pause) Means you are the smartest kid.

Coleson: My butt itches. It's been itching all day.
Me: Did you wash it good last night?
Coleson: What do you mean?
(Me thinking: Hmmm. Maybe we found the problem. lol)
(Fall 2012)

I was telling the kids a story about when I was a school teacher.
Ian very endearingly said: I bet your kids really remember you.
(Sweetest thing ever!) 
(Fall 2012)

Coleson: Mom I don't really get you sometimes.
(Me in my head: Welcome to your Dad's world.)
Fall 2012
Jason: 13 minutes till departure time.
Coleson: I don't know what parture means but I know he means we are gonna go.

Dinner conversation one night.
Tatum: America is the best state because it makes things right.
Me: What do you mean by right?
Tatum: Like they make you wait a long time for things like you have to wait a long time to drink wine.
(Summer 2012)
It was bedtime and Coleson was questioning why Ian gets to stay up later.
Me: Ian doesn't need as much sleep as you do because he is older.
Coleson: So Carter needs 1 minute less sleep then me? (Carter is a minute older.)
(August 2012)
Tatum:  Where's the Flys Whopper? (August 2012)
While getting ready for church this was the conversation I had with my 10 year old - we were going to a water park after church.
Ian:  Why can't I wear my really good swim suit to church?
Me: Because it's a swimsuit and you can tell it's a swimsuit.
Ian: Yeah but it's a really nice swimsuit.
(Summer 2012)

The twins were invited to go somewhere with a friend and Ian asked why.
Coleson: Their ticket could have one more person so they asked us.
Ian: No their ticket could take TWO more people.
(The twins still majority of the time refer to themselves as us. It's such a unique twin thing.)
(Summer 2012)

Carter: I thought they were called pimples. (He was talking about nipples.) 

While watching the Oklahoma Thunder basketball game in the NBA finals they were down a few points. 
Coleson said, "The Thunder are sorta loosing their edge. They used to be really good." 
(April 2012)

Tatum and her friend were riding in the van with me. 
This is the conversation I heard.
Her friend: Tatum you know we are all gonna die someday?
Tatum: Yeah I know. But it's ok because we will get new bodies.
Her friend: Yeah. We might have long hair.
Tatum: Yeah and I might be black.
(Spring 2012)


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Love these! I think the last one made me laugh the hardest! A good reminder for me to remember to write things down!

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