Monday, January 21, 2013


Hello 2013.
It's been here for awhile now and I have yet to post.
I have so many deep thinking thoughts I could post about but I thought we'd start the year of posting with something light.
Here are some off the wall random things about me and my life and some random pictures that have nothing to do with the things I typed. ( I think they are all from last month.)

I LIKE crackers --- like REALLY like them. Trisquits, Wheat Thins, Ritz, Cheez its (all billion kinds), fancy crackers, kid crackers like gold fish .... it's really a down fall. Yes I love to dip them in things and put things on them but I love them plain too. I love the crunch and the multitude of tastes you can get from crackers ... ranch, so many cheese flavors, roasted pepper, garlic .... so many options in the cracker asile.

We recently bought a keyboard ... Jason and I are wondering what process they go through to choose the preprogrammed music. Seriously do people listen to that? Our favorite is #1 -- it's the perfect game show music. We sent the kids out to the bus with it blarring today .... they looked like they had just been called up onto the Prices Right stage. Hilarious. The bus driver had to be wondering what the heck was going down in our house.  

I'm already missing my laundry room and we haven't even moved yet. It's amazing space. Square footage wise it's a dream; we haven't even made the most of that space. I wish it was my forever laundry room so we could have sunk a nice amount of $ into it to make it awesome.  It has height too; the possibilities are endless really. I've mapped out so many options in my mind. I might have a long list of things I wish this current house would have had but a bigger laundry room isn't on that list. Sadly I'm preparing myself for a small little space to wash clothes and hang snow dripping clothes. It seems like laundry rooms are an after thought in floor plans ... who knows, maybe I'll be wrong. Oh I hope I am but for today I'm just going to smile when I wash clothes and have a space to put muddy dirty boots, coats, a turtle (yes you read that right), school papers, basketballs, bb guns, 30+ shoes and an extra fridge. I'll smile when I sweep up the dirt!

I saw Les Miserables last night. Really liked it. There isn't another movie I can think of that plainly depicts grace and mercy and like this. I liked the company I had even more -- my man. He's my favorite person to do anything with.  

Jason has started his LAST semester of seminary. I keep chanting to myself, "I can do it. I can do it". Yes I'm aware that I'm not the one doing the work but if you've lived with someone getting their masters you'd relate to that chant.  7 semesters and 3 summer sessions down and only ONE semester to go!!!

Here's one more random thing .... this picture. (little blurry)
What happened to my babies?  Look at them all on that couch? 
They still pile on that couch all as close as can be. Funny.
I think that's enough random for one day.

2013 will bring so many things. 
Good things.
Hard things.
Exciting things.
New things.
Sad things.
Challenging things.
Rewarding things.
It will be a year to remember!



Anonymous said...

Blessings to you this year! I like following your blog....I'm from Hillsboro, so I know some of your good friends and relatives:)
Mrs. B.

Angie said...

Look at all that fun in the snow! I only WISH we could get snow. We haven't had a single drop this year. That isn't making me happy :(

LOVE the pic of the kids piled on the couch. How sweet!

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