Friday, December 28, 2012

The Celebrating Recap

A Snow Day equaled and early Christmas for us!
We had our two family Christmas' on the calendar but we weren't quit sure when to fit ours in.
So when school was called off for the second snow day in a row we declared CHRISTMAS.
Christmas on the 21st! 
Kids slept around the tree.
Tatum was already in asleep when school was cancelled so we moved her.

We woke up and had the whole day to celebrate as a family.
It was the best day ever.
No rush.
Just hanging out.

Home made gifts were opened.
From the time the tree goes up the kids just put things under it.
Always so clever.

Carter gave me this - This is an angel bent from an old fork he found in his cousin's junk pile. He wrapped it in a receipt and then in paper. 
Hmmm. I love it.

 Ian made everyone stick people. 
Tatum's even had a tutu.

 Coleson made me this paper tree. The top comes off and it says I Love You.

Everyone was thankful and excited for their gifts. 
That makes this momma happy.

This picture is how Carter and Coleson always open gifts if they are opening them at the same time.
One turns his back and they say "Don't say it out loud".
They want to be the first to see what they get and if the gift is the same they want us to have them  open at the same time without seeing the other one.
I love it that it's captured in a picture.

The kids gave me Just Dance 4.
They were so excited for me to open it. 
They kept saying, "You are gonna love it mom. You are going to scream."
After I opened it Tatum came up to me and said, "Bring it mom"
Oh I brought it. Lol.

Stockings are always so fun -- little treasures.
(Backs turned again)

A new dsi game for all meant Jason and I each caught a nap.

All day we hung out, played in the snow, went sledding at a neighbors and just enjoyed the day.

In the evening we had our traditional candle light dinner. 

We had cake for Jesus' birthday.
Kids helped decorate it this year.

I think it's my favorite meal of the year with our family.
We always give a special gift (a tradition from my side of the family) ....
This year there were two.

One was a giving gift - money to choose how to give away as a way of showing love.
We started that tradition last year and we hope to increase the amount each year.
It makes for interesting conversation as to how they will each spend it.

The second was probably my favorite gift to give this year.
Made me cry.
Our last Christmas in our home in Nebraska.

It was such a nice day to spend as a family of 6.
Having an entire day to celebrate was a gift in itself.

Celebrating with the Quirings
I can't believe it but we didn't get a family pic this year.
There are 24 of us (14 grandkids).

Grandpa had three of the grandkids read part of the Christmas story.

Other new talents were shown this year.
It was obvious we had just had 2 snow days before we were all together.

 Jada's first Christmas.

 Celebrating with the Glanzers.

This is the whole fam.

We had a candle light dinner on Xmas Eve.
Jesus is the Light of the World.

Cousins had a blast playing together -- there is so much personality in this family of 9 grandkids.
Jaxon's first Xmas.


Such good friends. Avery and Tatum - a year apart.

Campbell and Olive -- ADORABLE!

All of our celebrating was good.
Good times with both of our families.
Over so quick.

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