Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Right now . . .

Right now I have big curly Texas hair because my hair dresser curled it.

Right now I'm following two of my favorite authors on their blogs as they are in Haiti on a blogger trip. Follow them -- Jen and Jennie.

Right now I'm wondering if I'll cry at every Parenthood episode? (I'm a late joiner. Don't judge just be glad I joined.) Do you ever watch it without real tears?

Right now I want to plan a big family trip for the day my man finishes seminary.

Right now I want to help those in dire need and make a difference with my disgusting American way of life.

Right now I'm disturbed at how extreme my desires are.

Right now I'm wanting a circle of friends that likes wrestling with the extremities of those desires so I can feel normal.

Right now I can't believe my little girl is nearing another birthday -- how can this be happening?

Right now I'm (we) are waiting to hear from one more Missions Board on our future plans to church plant when seminary is over. Big things on the horizon. . . . things that have me beyond excited and beyond scared. (There's those extremes again.)

Right now I'm wearing bracelets from THIS company that helps women in Haiti make a living. It's like 31 Bits but a different country.

Right now I'm wishing I had some pumpkins to spray paint.

Right I should be doing 12 things before my kids come home from school and need me every minute until their little eyes fall asleep tonight.

Right now I'm wondering if the Neutrogena Visibly Bright daily facial cleanser I just bought "really will give my skin that extra boost it needs so you won't look as tired as you may feel."  I think "sucker" is written on my forehead.

Right now my kids are coming in. Bye.

What are you doing or thinking right now?


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