Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Pictures from our 4th of July Trip

More Pictures from our 4th of July Trip

Every year we try to give the house a name. We call it that from Christmas on while we look forward to all being together. (This trip is in lieu of Christmas gifts.)
It's been the "beach house", the "Lake house", the "Mountain House" .... this time it was the "Ranch House"because it had horses and a llama behind it and was outside of the city.

The house had horses and a llama behind it.
That made for a fun time with the flies and heat. ha.

We had the best time hanging by the pool. 
We probably should have called it the "Pool House".
8:07 am Swimming
9:42 pm Swimming
And anytime in between
Sometimes people tried to chill and other times it was crazy.

How many people can we stack on Jason?

 If we can do two can we do three? 

Why yes we can.

My niece Olive was hilarious ... she loves animals so she was pretending to be the trainer that threw food to the seals.
Her daddy (my little brother) played right along.
It was absolutely hilarious because she was so serious.

My niece joined the "I can swim" group!! Yeah Avery!!

We sweat our brains off at a Dinosaur Museum; but it was worth it ... Carter was in heaven.

Popsicles, Snow cones, Park fun, painting toes and 4th of July drinks were all part of the fun!!
Great times!!!

Such a great way to spend the days with family. 


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Angie said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful trip! That pool looks like absolute heaven :)

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