Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy 14th Anniversary

This week we celebrated 14 years of marriage.
We were babies.

Smart babies though for choosing each other.
We are a good fit.

This is one of my favorite pics of that day . . . . it's me and my dad dancing.

This was the spirit of the day - JOY.
I was totally not stressed about a thing -- really - just so happy to be Mrs. Jason by the end of the day.

To celebrate this week we went to The Pour House.
Ok, if you live in this area and you enjoy wine or even if you don't but you enjoy an amazing atmosphere then check it out.
Several friends told me about it and they were right;  it is uh-mazing!!!

I never take pictures of just me but I was wearing some new boots; pictures had to be taken of them.
(My friend Jaime and I found a steal of deal the other day on them.)
Plus I actually fixed my hair which I think I've done 3x this summer. lol.

Just look at this food.

If you know me you know I was in heaven. . . a PLATE of OLIVES.
Cheese and crackers that I may have eaten almost by myself.
I don't even like humus and I loved this humus.
The pizza was awesome.

We sat in these red chairs like we were in an living room just chatting away about life.
They bring out a little wood table to put the food on.

It was a great evening.
With the best person ever.
Happy Anniversary to us!



Lynette said...

So glad you guys got away! Love you both and happy anniversary!

angieb said...

ADORABLE and I LOVE the boots!! Glad you had a great time! You clean up real well, girl! :)

Kaitlyn said...

I will have to check that place out! Love a good trip to those small Nebraska towns!

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