Friday, June 15, 2012

This, That, and a bunch of Other Stuff

I haven't posted as often this summer. . . . 
I've been at the pool.
I've been cleaning up snacks and lunch and dinner.
I've been folding way to much laundry for living at the pool - some people must be wearing things for a few minutes and putting them in the laundry basket . . . I must get on that.
I've been reminding myself that it's okay if my house is a mess.
I've been outside in the evenings.
I've been at ball games.

My brain has been all over the place on things I'd like to post. 
Pictures, Thoughts, Ideas . . . but for now here are some of the random pictures I've thought of posting but haven't.

Summer evenings (when it's not windy) I really like it out in the country.
(Yes I just said that.)

The pivots have been going. 
(For you non farmer people like me that is a massive sprinkler that waters the corn when we don't get enough water from the sky.)

Sometimes they over shoot onto the road.
The kids were pumped when the one in our front yard was over shooting.
Massive sprinkler time!

Our Garage Sale for Orphans was a HUGE success.
We raised $1500 to help build an anti-trafficking house in Haiti.
Makes my heart so happy!!!!!
Thanks to all you who came and shopped.
YOU made a difference.

The number we were given for our garage sale on the town map was #7 !
That's so amazing because Jen Hatmaker's book "7" is what spurred this on.
Love when God does cool little things like that.

Our youngest Lemonade Stand workers were hilarious. 
We told them they could have lemonade for free but one of them said, "No we can't because the money is for the people."
We didn't argue with her, we simply gave them some quarters out of our money box so they could "buy" lemonade. 

I love involving my kids in any type of giving project; even if it's just for short periods of time.
It makes for great learning opportunities about how much we have, how we are created to help others, and how we can make a difference with simple things. 
The conversations that come out of it are always challenging and encouraging to me.

I've had a few "warriors" at my house too.
We love time with cousins.
They are always on a mission when they are here.

Only 3 more games for the season.
I'm really not ready for it to end.
I like being out at the ball field.

Ian pitching.
Coleson catching.

All three boys in the same picture.

Here's a Summer Drink for you.
It was from pinterest.

1.Make a couple different flavors of kool-aid.
(This was fun because for whatever reason I don't ever buy kool aid.) 
2.  Freeze the drinks in ice cube trays.
3. Then put whatever combo of kool aid ice cubs in your glass.
4. Poor sprite over it.
The flavor keeps changing as they melt and the colors keep changing.
Very fun for an outside drink break. 

Ours turned out to look like a 4th of July drink . . . we will repeat this on 4th of July. 
You could do this for any color combo . . Halloween, favorite sports team colors, Xmas colors. 
I'm thinking class school holiday parties. 
I'm sure you can think of some adult beverage to add to it to make it an "adult drink".
It was just a fun drink.

Happy Summer!



Angie said...

What a wonderful summer you are having. It's been a busy summer here too but we are enjoying it. I don't know how often I go to bed with a dirty house because I can't pull myself indoors to clean it!

Kimberlee said...

Please tell me that you are a "Friends" fan.

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