Friday, May 11, 2012

Craft Weekend - Recap :))

I'm a little slow in posting about the awesome CRAFT WEEKEND.

I had a great time with these two.

And all these lovely gals!! 
They were from all over . . . Tennessee, Canada, Florida, Boston, Oklahoma -- so fun.

When I get to Kansas I always hang with family so it was so fun to have time to hang with Megan and Kimberlee.  They both do such an amazing job with Craft Weekend.  
I loved the time chatting with each of them -- could have talked forever. 
They are both such great women with big hearts.

I was the "helper" girl.

If you want to throw a kick butt party and you need a dishwasher . . I'm your girl. :))
I've never enjoyed cleaning up after a meal so much in my life.

For one, I was doing it in THIS kitchen.
Spacious, bright and lovely in every way . . . need I say more?

2) I was cooking chopping stuff with Kimberlee. 
We laughed and chatted about everything we could think of.
I left inspired to cook a little better too -- she rocks in the kitchen. 
Tonight we are eating her corn salad . . . I was thinking about it while jazzercising today. 
Went straight to the store afterwards for the ingredients.

3) I was cleaning up after these grateful happy women. 
I could get the dishes clean and put away before someone was even close to asking for another meal.
That rocks in my real world.

All you Whatever Blog Followers know the SWAG at Craft Weekend is amazing.
It's true ... such gracious givers and sponsors.

A little perk for being "the helper" . . . I got to join in on the projects.

I made the ruffly apron ... mine is the one with pink stuff at the top.
I think I was the only one that used a little hot glue on my apron.
It worked. :))

I wore Kimberlee's to pick up the girls at the airport ... that was first for me. 

I made the headband I'm wearing in several pics too.
My daughter loved the one I made her.

The house rocks and gives you total inspiration for creating a beautiful space in your own home.
The colors are happy and make you feel alive!

While there I did a little bit of preschool planning for next year. :))
Snapped a few pics of the art and walaaa... preschool planning done. 

The day I drove down I got a little unexpected bonus . . . my bff Deb was in the area
 for family stuff too.
We stole 30 minutes together -- way to short -- but just to see her and her husband 
brought tears to my eyes. 
I love them.
Crazy I have no picture of those thirty minutes. 
Deb I even went back to the car for my camera before I met up with you.
Why didn't I think to take it out of my purse??? AHHH.
Seeing them was like a cherry on top of an already great weekend.

It really was a great weekend.
I loved serving the women there; I loved listening to them all chat with one another while they worked.
Girls are just like that aren't they? Instant friends while they work on projects.
Thanks Kimberlee and Megan for asking me to join you for a weekend.

Click on over to their posts (Megan and Kimberlee) and you can see more great photos.
(The photos on this post are from my camera, Kimberlee's camera or Meg's camera.)



Hayley said...

What a fun weekend! I think it's awesome that you got to help with Craft Weekend, but I'm JEALOUS that you got to see Debbie and Curtis. I miss them like crazy!
Happy Mother's Day to you, my special friend! Love you!

CathyMA said...

it was so great to meet you this past weekend!!! (Even though you stranded me in Chiacgo--I will let that go one day). You did a fabulous job helping everyone. You should be proud of all your hard work. I hope I get to meet you again. Maybe I can be the helper, and you can enjoy the crafting, etc.


angieb said...

Yes! The Celebrity Helper!!! Great pics-glad you had so much fun!!!

meg duerksen said...

missing you all week!!
you rocked the "helper" girl role.
you are welcome back anytime!!!

Christy K said...

It was SO great to meet you last weekend! I had a blast staying up late, chatting, LAUGHING and sharing our stories with eachother! You totally rocked Craft Weekend and I can't wait to (hopefully) see you again soon! As always, May the Fourth be with you! Hahaha... (Yup, still smiling about that... don't hate me!)

Kimberlee said...

Thank you for coming.
Thank you for serving.
I am so thankful for you!

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