Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Extreme Randomness

I am allowing myself 10 minutes to be on here to post.
Not long I know.
I haven't been posting as often . . . just been busy.
I'm either running 150 mph or I'm frozen and don't care what all isn't getting done around me.
Right now I'm doing the "frozen" thing but most of the day I did the 150 mph thing.
I did workout today and then didn't have time to shower  . . . I don't even want to think about all the places I went looking like such crap - even volunteered at school.
Oh well. That's just life.

So here's some randomness for you on this Wednesday night . . .

Rain clouds rolled in tonight and a nice rain started to fall and the first thing I checked is my laundry room. . . . counted to make sure everyones good shoes were inside.
You can tell where my priorities are.

Parenting is hard.
Did you know that?

I am going to CRAFT WEEKEND this weekend with friends Meg and Kimberlee.
How cool is that?
(Pic from Craft Weekend Blog)
Out of the blue my friend Kimberlee (who is Meg's partner in crime in all things Craft Weekend) asked me to come be the "helper".
I'm super excited because my job is simply that - help.
I will be so out of my league when it comes to being "crafty" --  I would say I'm creative and love a project but not sure I should say I'm crafty; haven't ever sewn a project without a friend holding my hand. :))
But meet new people and help make their weekend special? I can do that!
Stir this, help bake this, clean up this, organize that, get to know people from all over the US . . . I can totally do that!
Looking forward to meeting some new faces, hearing their stories, and seeing beauty in a weekend of creativity!
I'll be sure to take some pics to show you all.

While chatting with a friend this evening our kids ran in saying "God was about to come down."
We both looked at each other laughed and said, "If He does tell Him to come on in we have some questions for Him."
Ha. We had a good laugh at that.
Thanks for chatting with me friend, I love you.
While chatting I was pretending in my head that we were next door neighbors. :))

While nagging explaining to my kids what things they needed to be doing one of them said with genuine sincerity, "Mommy we are just kids."
Bless his heart.

Did you know I love to laugh?
It's like medicine to my soul people.
New Modern Family tonight .... I'm gonna end my day with that laughter.

That's probably enough randomness for one day.
Happy Wednesday night!



Angie said...

You are so right, parenting is definitely hard!!!

Hope you have a blast this weekend. Being a helper is always the best. Can't wait to see pics :)

Hayley said...

Super fun about craft weekend! Have fun.
And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks parenting is hard! (But wonderful, too!)

Heidi Glanzer Carlson said...

How exciting you're going to craft weekend! Meg had a pic of all the nametags for this weekend, and I saw "Nicole" was one of them...and I thought, "Maybe that's my cousin!" And it IS you!!!! :) How fun!

Kimberlee said...

You have infectious glad I get to see you this weekend!!!!

Lynette said...

Have fun sister -- you deserve it!

Sugar Mama said...

Saw you over at Meg's blog for craft weekend and just wanted to stop by your place and say hello to a fellow Nebraskan! :)

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