Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reliving the Past

As if I have nothing better to do I clicked onto my blog and at the bottom of each post where it shows a picture of an older post I clicked on one.
That click lead to another click and another click.
I started seeing posts where my big kids were babies.
Yes the tears came.

I found this old post and just have to repost it.
Their are two little videos at the end.
Grammy you have to watch them; one is of Coleson talking to you on the phone.
Were my kids really that little once?

I do have to laugh at how I made some words so big; was I yelling at my readers or what?
It's such a random post but that's how my days were when the kids were so little -- random.

So if you are lovers of my kids or you just want a glimpse at what life used to be like for us then click on this old post.


Peg said...

Oh yes, so cute! I love remembering when when your kids were little - they have grown up so fast!!!

Peg said...
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