Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Pictures

I LOVE this picture of Coleson. He's chatting with Grammy! I attached a video of him talking to Grammy at the end of this post - they were talking about Christmas. (Remember to turn the video off of my song playlist before you listen to the videos.) I cried when I watched the video. Most people see the wild crazy side of the twins but there is such a soft, sweet side that I just can't get enough of! I always tell people for every hour of craziness in our house there is an hour of sweetness. The video does end abruptly when you here the hour of craziness starting in the background. HA! Oh the Christmas tree, I'm not sure why I strategically placed ornaments on the tree. Of course I let the kids hang there own and I expect them to move some of them around but I added these big new red balls this year and the three younger ones seems to love them! AHH! Carter and Coleson know better but they are just so enticing. Tatum is just at that stage where the tree seems like a toy. This is what she did this morning . . . . . . she had so many hanging on one branch that the tree was about to tip!! Thank goodness I saw it. Jason and I were remembering the year the twins were 1 1/2 and they BITE into those cheap glass balls and just started chewing without flinching!!! It was scary the first time but the third time we just shrugged and cleaned out their mouth! One of the times we were even in a gas station, of all places, I'm sure it was a clean ornament right?! Funny memories! They've always had a thing with there mouths haven't they??
Things a fourth child is allowed to do WAY BEFORE the other kids were! It's not because she's talented or gifted, it's just because she's aware of it! Yes she paints on herself (like make up) and yes she's drank the water more than once. I'm disgusted every time and wonder when I'll learn to not even turn around to unload the dishwasher. She paints several times a day right now!

Yes, we cut too, she loves to make little slits all over the page!

This is how you kill time on the potty with a girl!! I should have done this when potty training the twins! HA!

Going swimming over Thanksgiving. She's sporting her towel from Grandma and her robe from Grammy. Thought you two would like seeing this.

I will never tire of seeing Tatum dance with her brothers. The tender side of the boys just comes out so easily when they dance with her. Sometimes they instigate it and other times she takes their hands and keeps saying "Dance me. Dance me!" Clone Trooper and Cinderella, what a pair!

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Heather said...

I had so much fun on Saturday.. we need to start doing that more often! I love the background on your blog and all your super sweet pics. Your kids are so cute!!!
I can't wait for Saturday! You know your welcome to come to our churches christmas party on Friday.. I'm sure it won't be 1/2 as fun as yours =) love ya!

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