Monday, December 1, 2008

So many random thoughts!

Good Break - We had a good Thanksgiving Break. It was nice to not have to have a morning rush each day. We saw the movie Bolt, super cute!! We went swimming one evening, played at the park, and stayed in pjs extra long!

Finally PRINTED it - I finally printed my blog out!!!!!!!!! It's awesome, if you haven't done it you've got too. I now have an entire binder of our day to day life and my thoughts. I printed it at church because it was so much cheaper than buying a million ink cartridges. If you print your blog here's a tip . . . print them one post at a time so you can put them in date order, otherwise you'd have to read the whole thing backwards for it to make sense. Also check how many pages each post is because some of the posts could be 6 pages because of stuff you have on the side bars and you don't need to print those each time! This has been on my list for months so I'm glad I can check it off!

Decorating the tree - We decorated the tree yesterday and had many helpers, I guess you can call them that. Jason and I just kept looking at each other like, "this is insane!" I kept thinking of my mom and how after my brothers and I moved out she would invite a couple jr. high girls over to help her decorate. Why didn't she ever call up any boys to help?? HA! I do know that someday we'll miss all the "help" so we tried to make the most of it.

Trying to exercise - I'm on an exercise kick this week. It seems I keep loosing and gaining the same stinkin 5 pounds! Anyways, I pulled out an old tape (yes tape, the kids thought that was strange) and tried to do some Pilate's. At first all three (Ian was at school) kids decided to do it with me. This was a sight!! We were all stretching and rolling like a ball. After the first exercise Coleson said, "I'm tired!" Me too Coleson, that means we are out of shape. They lost interest half way through but then Tatum decided I was on the floor to be crawled on. I'm usually tackling or tickling someone when I'm on the floor so it made sense but it made the exercises very difficult. Ian came home towards the end and at the end of the tape the lady said we should feel stronger, taller, and some other things. A couple minutes later Ian looked at me with a smirk and said, "Do you feel stronger Mommy?" I just had to laugh at my attempt to work out with my crew! Now I remember why a walk outside is my first choice of exercise! I did convince 3 of the 4 kids that the lady said after a mommy exercises someone should help her relax by tickling/scratching her back. It was a short lived couple minutes but it felt good! That's where my kids all get their love of being tickled from - - - ME!!

BEAUTIFUL DAY: It's a beautiful day and I always wonder when winter will really set in, so I should shoo everyone outdoors!! Right now all four boys (Ian has a friend over) are on a "race track" around the kitchen/stair area. Time to move that race track outdoors!!

I'll post some random pics later!

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Sweet Pea said...

Thanks for the tips on printing out your blog. That's on my list too so I'm glad to know I need to print out one post at a time because I would have just done all of them at once. Have a good day!

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