Monday, December 8, 2008


FUN FRIDAY!! I haven't had such a fun Friday in a while. It was all the things I love . . . shopping, food, time with just Jason, checking things off a list, new jeans, free babysitting, and family fun! Jason and I took the entire day Friday to Christmas shop. We went armed with lists, lists, and more lists, coupons, cash, and a mission . . . to check off as many things as possible. We had two sweet girls babysitting our kids for FREE, their gift to us. They won't have any idea how great of a gift this was to us until they have their own kids someday!! We hit the stores but not before starting the day off with a YUMMY breakfast at Kneaders!! I meant to take a picture of my yummy meal but I was focused on the task at hand so I forgot. Jason's been telling me he should take me there because it's so good for months. I kept telling him I'm free everyday at breakfast! HA!! We accomplished 95% of our holiday shopping . . . amazing! I feel like I can really focus on CHRISTMAS now instead of worrying about the shopping lists. In Oklahoma we had a sweet friend, you know who you are, that would give us a shopping day while she watched our kids. We haven't done it since we moved here and it was great to get back to that tradition!!

We then picked the kids up and went to a semi pro basketball game. Some friends had six unused tickets for us. It was a fun thing to do . . . something different. The boys loved it and Tatum loved the dancers and gymnastics at half time. She had fun dancing along. The day ended with some pj fun before calling it a day!!

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