Monday, December 8, 2008

Saddness and Joy

I have a dear friend, Cybelle, who I met in highschool at summer camp. We became friends and spent several summers either running around San Fransisco or Houston with each other. We have stayed in touch over the years as our lives have continued to change.

In July 2005 her and her husband had their first child, Soren. During the birthing process he experienced extreme oxygen deprivation which left him with severe brain damage. It was a miracle that he survived. He passed away last week and today is his funeral. I received the call from my friend last week and after hanging up I cried tears of sadness and joy. His life was a miracle and now he is with Jesus experiencing a healing body. This is a quote from the email his daddy sent out to friends,

"I am sad for myself because I will miss him more then I can convey. For Soren, he truly had his birthday on December 3rd, 2008. If his earthly father is not able to take care of him, his Heavenly Father will until I see him again. No more intractable seizures, no more choking, no more physical therapy, no more pain.....Happy Birthday Soren"

Brian and Cybelle have allowed others to see how Christ has worked in Soren's life and in their life as they've been on this journey. They've demonstrated how we can take the unimaginable pain in our life and still praise God through it. I was touched, convicted, and encouraged each time I read one of their updates on Soren's life. There Christmas letter was the one I looked forward to reading the most each year. Brian and Cybelle you have been an amazing example to me! Thank you for sharing the journey God has had you on with me. We love you and will continue to pray for you both!

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