Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts of all sorts.
Some were bought.
Some were personally made.
Some were given.
Some were made by others.
That was Valentine's Day.

Valentines Morning you could have observed "crazy love" at our house.
That's my definition of lots of love but chaos . . . that's sort of how love is often shown in big families.
It was good.
Lots of love, but crazy.
Not really a good place for the "one thing happening at a time" type person.

Last week in art the twins made Valentines.
They are in different classes.
They could pick anyone they know to make their project for.
They chose each other.

Wrapped up the day with heart pizza and more craziness with girlfriends and kids. 
Again . . . "crazy love".
Good stuff.

Hope you had a chance to show love and receive love this week.
Valentines isn't the only day for love . . .
Hope you know you are loved daily and you give love daily!

(My guy and I saw "The Vow" this weekend.  I highly recommend it. Very good flick. My friend told me she saw a quote somewhere that said, "When Tatum Channing shows up at the hospital saying he's your husband, just go with it." Hilarious.)

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