Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Pics

On Sat. it was just the younger ones at home.
We did random things all afternoon.
I snapped a few shots of the normal. (Or is it the unnormal since we aren't usually home for a full day?)
Got a few close face shots of them. Love those lazy Saturday face looks.

How many single socks can one family have?

That is the question?
Apparently this family can fill up a fourth of the laundry basket with them.

Tuesday we got snow.
Tatum and I tried out an activity for preschool.
My friend Tami P. gave me the idea . . . . genius - paint snow.

Tatum loved it so at preschool this week we filled our Discovery Table with snow and they all painted.
I'll post pics on the Preschool blog soon.

Off to be productive.


1 comment:

Angie said...

Tatum is such an adorable name! I'm totally noticing baby names now that I'm pregnant.

What cute face shots you got. They made me smile this morning.

Painting snow equals genius. What a fun idea!!!!

Happy Thursday :)

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