Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Happy Love Month.
I like this month.
It's usually a crazy one for various reasons but I love thinking about love.

It's obviously a month I typically think about my love for Jason.

Then I think about my kiddos and I try to think of something small I can say, do or give them to tell them how crazy I am about each one of them.

Awhile back I read something that has encouraged me to celebrate this holiday in some similar ways as Christmas and Easter.
Then last night, unrelated to Valentines Jason was telling me some ideas / thoughts he had about our family and loving others.
All that got my brain thinking today.
At Christmas my brain is on overload thinking about ways I can share Christ's love with others.
At Easter, again I'm thinking about how I can let others know about the amazing gift God gave us when he died for us.

Couldn't Valentines Love month be the same thing?
Valentines isn't a biblical / Christian holiday.
It isn't representing an event in Christ's life like Christmas or Easter.
I don't know the history of Valentines but I know it symbolizes love and I know that God is love.

"We love because He first loved us."

It really is why we as believers in Christ love others.
We are lavishly loved by Christ and second to loving Him, we are here on this earth to love others.

So this month I've got a LOVE CHALLENGE for ya'll.

If you want to do it with me it would be fun.

Leave a comment and tell me you are "in".
If you have a blog leave your blog address in the comment and I'll add a list of them to this post.


Do all six things sometime in the month of February. 
Then, if you have a blog, post about each one whenever you do it. You don't have to tell us "what" you did (some of them it wouldn't be appropriate to tell us what or who you did it for) but maybe tell us how it impacted you or just show us in pictures what that was like for you.  

1 Set aside time to spend with your man if you are married.  Doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day. Just show some love! If you aren't married or in a relationship spend some time with someone that is important to you in your life. Let them know how much you love them.

2  Write a love note to each one of your kids. Put it in their lunch box or on their pillow or in their car. Be creative.

3  Do something anonymously for someone that could use a little love in the world. Might be a stranger, may be a friend. The key is to keep it anonymous.  If it's appropriate in the situation leave a note letting them know you are loving on them because Christ loves them.

4  Show love to someone that maybe doesn't deserve it. (We all deserve it but let's be honest; some people are just harder to love.)

5  Participate in some act of love for others and involve your children in it.

6  Show love to someone that has a thankless job.

Are you in??
Let's spread some LOVE this month!


1 comment:

Angie said...

I think this sounds awesome! Definitely going to try to do them all :)

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