Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Things

I pictured an end of the year post with Christmas pictures.
I pictured a beginning of the year post kickin off the New Year.
Just didn't happen - maybe I'll throw some pics on here soon of the holiday shin digs - it was all good.
This is what you get instead.

Five things I've Got on my Mind
(It's really a miracle I was able to narrow down to 5 - my mind is like a hamster 
wheel - it's always turning)

Thing One:
Is it possible to get "caught up" on laundry if we are all wearing clothes?

Thing Two:
Dear Weight Watchers,
Here we go on round two. You were so good to me the first round, back in the year after having the twins. Can you help me this time? I hope so. Paired with Jazzercise I think you will work your magic.
Only time will tell.

(Speaking of Jazzercise, if you live near a center they are having their annual sale this weekend through Monday; and it's a good one. No joining fee and January free. If you live in this area mention my name when you sign up and I get money off my monthly fee.)

Thing Three:
How can I prepare for Seminary Semester number 100 (not really) to start up again next week?
People I'm  - - -  not - - -  ready.

Thing Four:
The girl has put on close to 12 outfits today. I have had to work extra hard at keeping a straight face because these outfits are serious to her. Some actually have some great style. Currently she is in ballet shoes, black tights, the white flower girl dress she wore in a wedding last spring with a cute little blue headband in her hair and necklace around her neck. Earlier while her boy cousin was here I over heard this conversation:
Him:  Tatum do you want to watch something?
Her:   Yeah and we can get all dressed up right?
Him:   Silence
They watched tv with him in his normal clothes and her in a cowgirl hat, tights, a skirt, a pink fancy glove and she was holding her wallet and purse.
I wish my day could consist of such frivolous fun!
Maybe one night I should get decked out to watch tv with Jason. :))

Thing Five:
I'm just about done reading this new book and it's caused my mind (which was already spinning is so many of these areas) to spin like the Tilt a Whirl at the county fair . . . .

The author is our speaker for the women's retreat in March.
I got an email from her that she sent to close friends and ministry contacts (let's pretend I was in the first group - ha) with a online copy of the book asking if I'd read it and post reviews on amazon etc.
You don't have to ask me twice.
I had just gotten the book for Christmas.
I'll be posting on it real soon but it's an amazing book,
Challenging? yes!
Thought provoking? yes!
Authentic? Oh yes!
Watch for my post it will for sure include a give away!!!

Have a Happy Happy Weekend whatever you do.



Lisa said...

My wheels have been spinning too! Looks like a good book, I may have to go order it!

Lynette said...

SOOOOO with you on the laundry thought -- I can do three loads a day for three people! How does that happen!?!?! We can do this, we can do this:) With you on the spinning thoughts too... Thanks for your prayers - they are appreciated Sister! Love you!

Angie said...

I say all the time that my brain overthinks. It's really wearing emotionally. It exhausts me! I totally hear you on the laundry. Our laundry is NEVER done. There are 4 of us and I'm pregnant again. I can't imagine adding more laundry to my already massive pile. That looks like a very interesting book. Can't wait to hear your review. Enjoy your weekend :)

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