Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ten on Ten: January 2012

Ten on Ten:
Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. 
Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. 

I haven't done a ten on ten in forever . . . this is really my ten on ten posted on the eleventh.
I took all but one of my pics in the same hour - rules smules - whatever - it was just fun to pick up my camera again - my new camera at that!!! 

We had a BEAUTIFUL day here.
Strange for January in Nebraska.
(Today, the 11th, is FRIGID and WINDY.)
So yesterday the kids and I headed to the park.
Boys were armed with Nerf Guns and the girl was all about looking at my camera.
I wanted to post more than 10 but narrowed it to 10.

Not happy with a part of the game?
Whine - why not.
I caught the "whine face" on camera.
I now have proof to show the boys when they are older.
LIterally 3 seconds later the face is gone and whatever was such a big deal is now over.
Totally have to love that about boys.

Our drive home.

My view while making dinner.
The reflection in my mirror above the sink.
Be still my heart.
This is why I love the lense - helps me see the daily in my crazy.
Some day I'll cook dinner alone for two.
The house will be quiet and I won't nag people to help with tasks or just get along while I cook.
I want to remember these days.



LuAnn said...

We are warm weather in WI too. Enjoyed your pics.

Kimberlee said...

Love the pictures!!!
And what kind of camera and lens did you get????

Angie said...

Great photos- your new camera does a great job! Your kids are precious. I totally know what you mean by boys whining one minute & completely over it the next. That is the way my 17 month old is. My daughter is a different story, she can be angry & pout for days :)

weza said...

your daughter looks just like you!
Great pictures by the way.

Elizabeth Hall said...

Oh, these made me laugh! Boys and their guns but still they're full of sweetness (and whining, ha!)


Lisa said...

I'm looking at these pictures with Addison...she's convinced that Tatum looks really, really big and is at least 8 years old!! She'd like to see a picture of how big she "really" is! :) Great pictures - enjoy your new camera!

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