Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh The Things They Say!


Carter, Coleson and Tatum were playing play dough and I was just listening in to their conversation. I heard Carter say, "You do not kiss on a date. You learn things about the other person. You need to have four things alike. If you only have 3 or less then you can't get married." (Not bad thinking uh?) (December 2011)
Tatum while shopping with me: "Let's go down the excavator." (escalator) (Dec. 2011)
Coleson and Carter were getting their hair cuts and while the lady was cutting their calicks in the back of Colesons hair Coleson said, "Ummmm . . . . we kinda need those."  That's how people tell them apart. One is on the left side and one is on the right. It was so funny. (December 2011)
While dressed up and playing Tatum said, "I want to resent my royal royal home." (she meant present instead of resent)  (December 2011)
The boys all went to an art program after school. Next year Ian will be to old for it. They all love it. After the last one Ian said, "Next year I won't be able to go." 
I said, "Well, there will be other things you'll be able to do as you get older."
He stood up, started to walk out of the room and said, "Well, it was fun while it lasted."
(December 2011)
We were picking teams for a game of Pictionary and eveyrone wanted to be on Jason's team instead of mine. Coleson said, "Mommy needs someone and that someone is you Tatum." (October 2011)
Carter and Coleson were standing at the kitchen counter drinking a glass of milk they poured for themselves. This is their conversation.
Carter: Jugging is not good for your body.
Coleson: Jugging? What is jugging?
Carter:  It's this. You drink and go gu gu gu gu. That's jugging.
Coleson: Oh.
(October 2011)
Tatum said, "This song gives me nuts." (She said it several times all day about things. I think she meant "drives me nuts". I laughed so hard.) (Sept. 2011)
With an aunt pregnant the kids have been talking about having babies. This was our conversation in the van the other day.
Carter: Can Grandma have babies still?
Me: No, she's to old. (sorry Grandma.).
Carter:  Well God could do that.
Ian: She could have a baby if it was for a really good cause.
(Ha. Yes God can do anything. I thought the way he said a "good cause" was hilarious.) (September 2011)
Tatum saw my dying flowers and said, "Mommy why did you make them dead?"(August 2011)
Coleson saw me open the children's vitamin which have a child lock lid and he said, "How does it know that grown ups are doing it?" (August 2011)
"I'm writing in China. I know lots of China." (Tatum - August 2011)
Tatum was with my mom (Grammy) and my mom was talking about Gramps. This was there conversation.
Tatum: Are you married to Gramps?
Grammy: Yes. He's my husband.
Tatum: (in surprised voice) He picked a GRAMMY for a wife?
Grammy: Well, he picked me when we were in college. (ha.)
(August 2011)
Tatum said, "That's my diarreha. Don't look it's my private." She was talking about her diary.
She called it her "diarreha" several times. I laughed so hard; it sounded funny every time. (August 2011)
Ian and I talking about his hair needing a hair cut.
Me: You need a haircut.
Ian: I like it long.
Me: I know but you have these two little wing ding things that are getting long.
Ian: Why do I have those?
Me: I guess when God mad you he said lets give this one 2 wing dings.
Ian: If God gave them to me then why would I cut them off?
(Good point Ian. ha.) (August 2011)
Kids and I were talking about the time daddy had a "night job" as a Security Job. It was just a two week thing he did with a friend. It was some sort of computer convention that needed security at night. The kids remember it but were asking questions.
Carter:  Did he have a weapon?
Me: No.
Ian: What kind of security guard doesn't have a weapon?
Tatum: Did Daddy walk back and forth with his hands behind his back?
(Summer 2011)
Spritual  Conversation while driving at night on vacation.
Coleson: Mommy I just saw the Spirit of God working?
me: You did? where? (Jason and I looked at each other; it was a very interesting thing to hear him say.)
Coleson: Just now, I saw a light, a reflection and that was the spirit of God working.
Ian: It "might" be the spirt of God, it might now.
Coleson: Yeah, It might but I think it is.
Jason: what do you think He is doing?
Coleson: Just working or just walking around.
Jason: I think that's cool that you know God is always working.
(I know it's sort of a strange conversation but it was very touching. I do believe kids sense God's spirit so much more easily than we do. Coleson was so calm and matter of fact about it. It was just a statement of fact that came out of the blue.) July 2011
Ian was riding with my sister in law, her two girls and Tatum. They were all playing I-spy. He said, "I spy something adorable. It's 3 girls in the backseat."  (Already a charmer. - Summer 2011)
While driving in the car with Tatum she heard them say Beth Moore was coming to our area. She got excited and said, "Hey we know her!" I thought it was so funny b/c I guess she has seen me watch her videos at home her entire life. She made it sound like she was a friend of ours. ha. 
(June 2011)
Spiritual Conversation about God
Me: You know that little voice you hear sometimes in your head when you are trying to make the right choice. You think in your head and you know that one of the choices would best one. That is God talking to you. That's the holy spirit talking to you.
Carter: So you are saying that when we don't listen to that and we make the wrong choice we are disobeying GOD? 
(That hit me hard. Leave it to a child to take it straight to the truth.)Summer 2011
Tatum (to me): Get your normal clothes on you mommy cause you look boring to look at. (I was in workout clothes.) (June 2011)
Tatum (while driving in the van): When I get big can I have this car?
(Oh girl I can only pray you have that same kind of standard when go car shopping for you someday. HA!)
(June 2011)
Coleson: Ian are you going to be a famous artist someday?
Ian:  I'd kinda like to.
Coleson: I want to be one too.
Tatum:  I want to be a famous cat drawer.
(May 2011)
Tatum: Do I look like a 3rd grade girl?
Carter: Yeah. Well no, u look like a first grader.
(May 2011)
Right before Mother's Day we were talking about who my mom was and who daddy's mom was . . . Tatum has known this concept for years but it was as if something new in her clicked and in a astonished type voice she said, "Daddy should live with his mommy." (May 2011)
Tatum was "reading me a story" and in the story she said, "The girl was sick and her medicals weren't working so her heart stopped beeping." (May 2011)
We were all playing charades and the word was 'mommy' and Carter was supposed to act it out. He did a little hip shake and acted all girly. The kids started guessing and when one of them said, "Princess, Queen"then Carter yelled out, "You are SOO close." I busted up laughing.  Yep - mommy, princess, queen - all about the same right?  (May 2011)
While blowing bubbles with his straw in his pop Coleson says, "It sounds like someone farting in a hot tub." (May 2011)
I was dishing up angel food cake and strawberries for us and I told the kids this was the kind of cake I used to have for my birthdays. This is the conversation that followed after I said that:
Coleson: You sure know a lot of back stories.
Ian:  Those are called memories.
Me:  What's a back story?
Coleson: It's a sotry from the olden days.
Me: Those aren't olden days.
Coleson: Yeah they are.  
(April 2011)
While driving Tatum was asking me about heaven and if we'd live forever. I told her that once our body dies here on earth we get to keep living in heaven because we love God. She then said, "God will just have to make a trip down to Nebraska and get our body." (April 2011)
While driving through a small town's main street Tatum said, "I love the city. I want to move here." (March 2011)
Tatum: Carter did you draw that dinosaur?
Carter: Yep, I was born to draw dinosaurs.
Tatum: You were BORN to draw dinosaurs?
Carter: Yep.
(Feb. 2011)
Tatum: Mommy what's all that stuff around your arms so I can't feel your bones?
Me:  Fat Tatum, that's fat.
(Don't you just have to love kids questions? I should have said skin! Jan. 2011)
Conversation heard between Carter and Coleson.
Carter:  Sally (name change - girl at school) drew a picture of a polar bear with a dress on it standing on it's hind legs. It was just weird.
Coleson: Yeah she is weird.
(January 2011)
While Jason was preaching at a church Tatum said, "Is Daddy praying."
Me: No he's speaking.
Tatum: Then why is everyone closing their eyes?
(Jan. 2011)
While in a dressing room with carter and Coleson, Carter looked at a jacket type shirt and said, "Do girls where a shirt under that?"
Me: Yes
Carter: Good because if they didn't you would see their ovals.
Me: Ovals?
Carter: You know ovals. (He said this while making circles around his chest.)
In that same dressing room I had on just plain white t-shirt and a cute necklace and Coleson said, "That looks good with just a plain white shirt and a necklace." It was so funny that he was noticing it all and giving feedback. You'll make a great husband someday Coleson. (Jan. 2011)
We went to see Jason play one of his basketball games. It's a community league. It was black shirts against white shirts. They were white. Tatum watched for awhile and said, "The white team just isn't good enough."  I guess she could tell they were getting their butts kicked. It was a pretty unevenly matched team age wise that night. :)) (Jan. 2011)
I guess she had been used to the defense abilities from Ian's games because after watching Jason and the other guys play for awhile she kept saying,"Is Daddy fighting that guy for the ball?"
I went to a jewelry party and when I came home Coleson said, "Did you buy something?"
Me: Yes. 
Coleson: Well, show us! 
(I love it that my boys are interested in what I do.) Jan. 2011


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