Monday, December 12, 2011

Music and a Picture

I know I need to add some Christmas music to the blog.
I have been listening to it at home - a l o t .
But I'm still liking my first song on here.
It's so fun.
Makes me feel free and without a long list of stuff to do and accomplish.
It makes me feel like my guy and I don't have a gajillion things on our plate.
It's finals week for the seminary stud so I like pretending that we are having a care free week. ha.

Here's a little pic of me and my girl that I posted on my preschool blog.
This is pre "I went a little darker with my hair color".
Looking at this pic I'm missing my blonde. Hmm.

It's at our preschool program - me: Teacher    her: student
Our first preschool program for both of us!
Love doing this with my girl.
(It's not all "sparkles and butterflies" but it's still been good.)

That's all I got for tonight.
Have a happy tomorrow.


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