Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping and a Winner!

Our shopping day was a success.
Other than 3 online purchases, we started our holiday shopping day from scratch.
By 9:00 at night we wrapped up the day with pasta and a glass of wine at Olive Garden and were 90% done.

One day shopping.
Fun times with one another.
Good food.
Being able to walk past the carousel. (The key word here is walk "past" it; not ride it.)
Love that.
Serious deals at Toys R Us.

Because I love a deal and want others to get a deal too let me tell you something we figured out while at Toys R Us.
They run these awesome buy one get one half off sales but if you aren't careful the half off will come off of the cheapest items and you don't get nearly the savings.
So, we were the annoying couple in the line that made our purchase in 5 or 6 transactions.
Oh yes we did.
The lady was happy to do it too. (Really.)
We thanked her.
Jason told her she saved us from having to go out in between each purchase and changing into the different clothes we brought so we'd look like a different couple. ha. (For you gullible ones; we didn't actually bring clothes.)
The difference in savings had to be close to $75 dollars verses only $25 if we had done it all in one purchase.
I'll be annoying to save $75.
So plan to spend a little extra time grouping your purchases up when you are at Toys R Us.
You are welcome!

I practiced some serious self control to look past things for me.
Saw some sweet cowboy boots for me

(Couldn't find a pic of them but I promise ya they were amazing boots 
that this girl would have enjoyed wearing! )

a pair of winter boots,

and a purse from Target that I loved.
While looking at this purse Jason said, "You should get it for her."
To which I said, "Her? I'm looking at it for me." ha.

I'm seeing a pattern this year in the things that are catching my eye - accessories.
Like I said I used self control and stuck to the gifts for others list.
I did purchase one sweat deal on a sweater for me at Aeropostale.  . . . $12 - can't beat that.

Speaking of gifts; it's time to announce a couple winners.

Thanks to all of you voting for Jason and I to win tickets to the Verge Conference - - -  we came in fourth place and won a free admission ticket.  THANK YOU!!
It may not be the airfare/hotel fare but the cost per ticket is $129 so we say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

There were 40 comments for the 600th post give away!
The winner was chosen by and the winner was

Kendra Nickel

Yeah Kendra. You will love shopping at The Vintage Pearl.
You will receive an email gift certificate so let me know which email address you want it sent too.

I hope you all have a Happy Week!
Find time each day to celebrate the season!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! 2 of my favorite people are winners!! Actually 3 . . . you and Jas for winning the ticket and Kendra for winning the certificate!! Gotta love it!!

I did vote for you all, hopefully did it right so it counted?!! Haven't commented for awhile, but I am still one of your most faithful blog followers!! Love it!!


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