Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Never to Late and A Bunch of Pictures

It's never to late for a good idea.
Especially one that is easy.
I know Christmas is almost here but you probably even have everything you'd need for this idea.
My friend Marshalene, from Oklahoma posted this idea on her blog.
I love it.
We'll be doing it on Christmas Eve.

The idea is called prayer bulbs.

You take the top off of a bulb ornament and on a small piece of paper you write down one prayer request you have and then put the paper in the ornament.
On another sheet you write down a praise item or thing you are thankful for that happened in the year.
Put the lid back on and hang it on your tree.

Save the bulbs till next year and when you get your ornaments out next year you reopen the prayer bulb and read what each person wrote.

Isn't that the neatest idea?
I think it will be neat to see what things kids are thankful for and what things their little minds want to pray for.

Now for a bunch of random pictures.
I've been doing a little "hands on" research on a dslr camera.
My sweet friend let me play with her Nikon for a couple days.
Nikon or Canon that's my question?
I had so much fun with it.
Here's some random shots I took from our couple of days.

We wrapped up the semester with some school parties and events and now we've been enjoying our days off of school.
Some may or may not have still been in pjs in the middle of the afternoon while frosting these cookies; others might be in their 5th or 6th outfit of the day.
The weather has taken our white snow and left us with the cold mud mix but they don't care.
For the most part we've spent our days inside.
My to do list still sits at my desk but I'm trying not to care either - everything that has to be done really is done.
We spent tonight eating around the Christmas tree and reading Christmas books - it's one of my favorite traditions.
I hope you are all enjoying some traditions - new or old - enjoy your hours leading up to Christmas.

1 comment:

Heather said...

loved all the photos, you are so talented that way Nic! looks like you had a great holiday season!

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