Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sick Girl, He's Home, and Unicorns

Still have a sick girl here.
Sick kids is one way to keep me home so I can keep up with laundry.
I also am super caught up on my Dora episodes.
Have you seen the new Unicorn one?
I didn't think so. (ha.)

Last night Daddy came home from his long seminary/class trip.
We are all so happy.
Coleson said yesterday at school he missed his daddy so bad he just sat at recess and waited and waited for him to come home.
This is the "book trip" according to the kids.
Jason always brings them home a book from the famous Powell's bookstore in Portland.
It's like a city block size bookstore.
I love that they connect seminary with books because that is such a huge part of it.
He did it the first time and it just sort of became a tradition.
Everyone was thrilled with their books this morning.
He really nailed it this time.
Go daddy.

Before he left we had a family party for Tatum's birthday at the park.
It was all family and one of her best friends.
The theme was UNICORNS.
I checked out a few blogs (here and here ) for some unicorn ideas and found some plates at Birthday Express and we were off to a fun party.
We went with a rainbow cake that got SUPER tall.
I had been wanting to try this cake at some point and thought it fit the theme.
Rainbow cupcakes are much easier but this is so worth it.
(Note to self: next time use 8 inch pans and only two cake mixes instead of 9 inch pans and 3 cake mixes.)
We used cotton candy for "clouds".

 Don't these colors just scream happiness?

The party favors were unicorn horns. 
Tatum and I made them together - very fun. 
(Ice cream cone dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on them before the chocolate hardens.)

We sprinkled glitter on the path to the party.  (Forgot to tell the family to enter on that path but oh well, the girls had fun glittering the sidewalk anyways. )

We had do it yourself face painting and unicorn tatoos.
A hit.
I even saw a few adults leaving with tatoos on their ankles. :))
(The face painting sticks are called disguise sticks. You can get them at children's museum's or google them.)

 We also did a pinata and played pin the horn on the unicorn.
All very fun!

She was very excited about every gift.
Wish I had videoed her sounds.

 It was a fun afternoon.
Took our traditional picture of us with the birthday kid - didn't think about the face paint. 
Oh well. It's so her!!


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Dana said...

This is delightful.
What a great family you have, what a fun party, and the cake!? Oh the cake.
Love it.
Love you guys too. :)

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