Friday, October 21, 2011


This week my old neighborhood life came to visit me out in the country.
It's a simple little game that brought such a huge smile to my face. 
I pulled up to my house in the country to see this :

And out loud I said, "Oh wow."
It's a Halloween game where you drop off a holiday goodie and they are then supposed to return the favor and do it to someone else. 
It's fun.
It's something our neighbors in Utah always did.
This little gift made me feel nostalgic for my neighbors and very loved right 
here all at the same time.
Thank you whoever you are!!!


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Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hi there, I found your blog through Meg's. We call that game "getting boo-ed" around here. The only problem is we live in a neighborhood with only older people, a lot of our friends play it though, with thier neighbors. It looks like fun. And I like how yours included cake mix, rather than more candy.

Oh and I've got to say you are a brave woman to go for that fourth kid. We have three boys and I am tapped out.


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