Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feeling Celebrated

Today's my b-day and I have felt VERY celebrated over the last couple days.
Last Friday night two of my close girlfriends threw me a surprise party.
I thought we were going to the movie and as we walked up to her door to get her I even said, "We should have just honked for her."
I was totally surprised.
I had even brought along my returns to do before the movie. ha.
The night could be described in one word - laughter.
The kind where people hear my "cackle" and where your mouth hurts from laughing so hard.
It was a very fun evening.
Thanks girls to all who came.
You all have a special place in my heart.
The party throwers!

I didn't get pics of all of us girls - but I got the food (what's up with that?).
It was killer food though.
Nothing quit says love like friends knowing your favorites.

Yes those would be gobstoppers on the menu.

Then Sunday night my fam of 6 went out to a Japanese Steakhouse.
Absolute blast to do with the kids.
They were in awe and laughed so much.
Very fun night.

(The pic was taken on Jason's phone. My camera was acting up.)  

Today I'm chillin and enjoying a laid back day just doing normal things.
The mister made a great breakfast.
My kids gave me the nicest gifts . . . each one made me a coupon book.
Tatum's was filled with things like "brush your hair" and "give you a make over" and the boys were filled with things like "match up the socks" and "make you lunch".
My favorite was "a coffee date and I'll pay".
I can't wait for each of those dates.
Got to talk to my BFF Deb for an hour on the phone - that's always a gift in my day!
Had lunch with some of my favorite people at my place of choice - Pizza Hut.
I know it's funny but thin crust pepperoni is my fav. - really it is - and we never order it.
It's a waste because it's so thin you'd need 10 larges to fill us up.
And now I'm doing some me things . . . blogging; which I haven't done in awhile and I might just let my eyes close for a wee nap.

The celebrating will keep going with a date tomorrow night just me and the guy.
How I look forward to that.

All this to say I am feeling very loved.
I hope I return the love well to all of you!


Hayley said...

Happy Birthday, friend! I was just about to email you! I say you need to go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone like we did 16 years ago. Fun times! Love you!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kimberlee said...

Let the celebrating continue!
Happy Birthday, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Belated B'day wishes, Nic!! Looks like great times with friends and your amazing family!! They uphold the party tradition well for celebrating the best "Mom" ever!!


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