Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinosaurs and Cars

2 Parties in 1 Day
That's how we did the twins parties this year.
They were a couple weeks ago but I still wanted to post them.
They both wanted to have their own party with their own theme.
I've always done two cakes.
We've always sang twice.
One year the cake themes were different but we've always done the cake, singing, presents, games and partying for them both at the same time.
Not this year.
Their idea was to have one party in the am and one in the pm.
I couldn't imagine telling mommas to pick up and drop off like that all day so we brainstormed.
Party in the front yard for an hour and a half.
Then party in the back yard for an hour and a half.
Two themes.
Two times of opening presents.
Two times of eating cake.
Two times of games.
Two everything.
It worked out so well and meant a lot to them (which in turn means a ton to me.).
I want them to feel special.

So party number one . . . .

That would be Carter's theme.

He came up with his games.
We hid dinosaurs all over the front yard.
They had to try to find them.

We played Dinosaur Tag.
The Meat Eater is it and he chases the Plant Eaters.

Then Carter wanted to show everyone how to draw a dinosaur.
He's good at it.
The kids watched intently.
Then they got to trace their own.

Then we made Fossils.
Since he's 7 he didn't want the little dinosaur dig that most dinosaur parties have where you dig out little dinosaurs in the sand. 
We did a dino party for Ian when he was like 4 I think; those ideas were too little boy for Carter. When Carter thinks of dinosaurs he thinks like a Paleontologist. This is serious.
So I found modeling clay at Hobby Lobby (a massive block of it for $7 - score!) and we gave each kid a chunk of it.

They flattened it and then compressed dinosaur tracks or dinosaur bodies into it.
It hardens and whalaa you have a fossil.
Kids loved doing that.

Cake and presents were a hit.
Dinosaur eyes in a nest of dinosaur eggs and dinosaurs. 
For the "nest" I just crumbled up a chocolate cake mix with a bag of oreos. 
Carter did all the dinosaur placement. 
He's been to enough dinosaur places that he's a pro at setting up dinosaur models. 

It was a great party for Carter.

Then on to party number 2 . . . .

Coleson's theme.

This was a fun theme as well.
We went around back to the "shop" for the CARS 2 (The "2" is important. This was not a CARS 1 party; that's a different theme. I was informed of this many times beforehand.)

We started off with hot wheel car races down a ramp.
They loved this.
So simple and so fun. 
(Jason did this 15 min before the party . . . I'm telling you people. We might party it up but we do go with simple and many times "last minute". That's out creativity works around here.)

Coleson wanted to do running races too.
That was next.
They were all into this - they loved running through the finish line.

(I love this picture. This is what happens at boys parties.  The water guns are found and the unplanned fun begins. Love it. Jason and I said it was the "pit crew" ready to cool off the cars.  Plus in the background you see Coleson wiping out. Carter and Coleson were neck and neck until he hit a bump in the "road".)

The tire race was another very simple but very fun game. 
They just rolled a tire from one side to the next and passed it. It was a relay.
They were so funny because they just kept going until Coleson announced that his team won.
I guess when it's your party you can do that.

A big hit of the party was to drink "All in all". (That's the gas they used in the movie.)
I got the idea from a couple blogs (I can't remember which ones now. sorry. I just googled Cars parties.)
It was a new can and washed really well.
I also reminded them that you'd never drink from a real gas tank -- they are all older; I wouldn't do this with 3 year olds.
The boys loved this. They all needed "gas" to refuel for races.
It's the small things that sometimes make something so much fun.

Round two of cake and presents was just as much fun.
I was happy with how the cake turned out.
When I lit the candles some of the boys said, "It looks like a real track with the lights."
Coleson was the one that wanted to add the character up high. I guess in the movie he's the one watching over the race.  
I love it when kids get in on the details.

Who teaches all these kids to pose?
At both parties they were all into the group pic.
And the girl -- what is she doing? ha.
Fun group of boys!!


My boys are now 7 !
I did get our traditional pics with each of them. 
Should have done it before the parties . . . we look a little tired and my house looks like a Christmas morning; imagine that.

Have a happy weekend whatever you do!!



Sweet Pea said...

what fun parties! I'm just going to print off all your parties you post and I then I would have an AMAZING party book and I'd be set for all future parties in our house! :)However, Hunter will probably pick snakes, tornados, or trains as his future themes! :) Loved your party pics!

weza said...

My girls birthdays have always been done together too. Separate cakes, same theme, same day, same kids. Last year they wanted different themes but I couldn't work out how to combine them. The idea never entered my mind to have two separate parties. GREAT IDEA!
I too agonize over how to ensure they both feel special, how to help them be recognized as individuals, its not an easy task when most people cant even tell them apart. (Even I have trouble sometimes) lol.

Kimberlee said...

I love it that you had two parties.
Two themes.
And a million happy kids, too.
Your love is shining through, girl.
I love how you're so freely giving it!!!!

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