Monday, August 22, 2011

School Boys

The first day of school went off with a great start last week. 
Where is time going?
I have a fourth grader and two first graders.

I dropped them off at school and bawled the whole way home - for lots of reasons.
I asked God to give us a good school year and with that the year began.

The girl had reign again and seemed to like it. 
After a day of it though she was asking when they'd get home.

We made them a fun first after school snack and home made pizza for lunch.
The first day was just a half day.

Then for my sanity I organized something.
The majority of my house looked like the summer bomb went off in it and I knew it would be days before I could start attacking it so I picked one little spot and made it look good.
I stole the shoe rack from my closet and put it in the laundry room.
You should see the mess in my closet now. 
I found an extra container for all the papers they bring home.
No more putting papers on the counter.
I stood back and liked my little corner.

By then the bus was bringing them back.
It was that quick.
All had great reports.
One kid even said, "This was the best day EVER."
(Really? All those days I plan . . . and this was your best day ever? Ha. I'm kidding - I'm so glad 
they love school.)

I have one more school pic but I'll share it on another post.
It's my favorite pic of the day.

We're off to another school year!

1 comment:

Sara W said...

Love the picture of the boys' shoes. A fun memory of what the new school shoes look like.
And I'm with you I could totally bawl my eyes out with the start of each school year. Lots of emotion - some good some sad.

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