Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Favorite

I'm sure this goes back to when I was a kid but I LOVE barbecuing and sitting outside on a fresh cut lawn on a Saturday night.
The smell of something grilling.
The smell of grass.
The look of a yard that had some attention that day.
The sounds of people talking and enjoying their food.
As a kid I didn't take part in the "yard work" but it seemed like most Saturdays the yard was done and that was followed by something being put on the grill. Most of the time a neighbor or some friends would join in on the good eats.
I have countless memories in Oklahoma of Jason and I grilling food on a Saturday night while the boys ran all over our big yard.
In Utah we ended many Saturdays like this as well. Neighbors would join in and kids would run all around.
There is something about ending a day or a week outside with friends or with just your family.
It's a favorite of mine.
That's what tonight was.
The yard was cut.

The food was grilled.

And the six of us enjoyed it by the trampoline.

It makes me smile.
Now I need to go finish cleaning up the kitchen.
(Not a favorite of mine.)

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