Monday, July 11, 2011


13 years I've been married to this guy.

Known him for 16 years.
That's close to half of my life.
I knew when I saw him he was a keeper.
Coleson asked me how old I was when I got married.
I was 20 (young I know).
Coleson said, "Mommy you were to small to get married."
Yes Coleson I was "small" but it was a great match.
I don't think getting married young is always the best choice but if my kids can find someone that loves them like their daddy loves me I'd be all for it.
I always tell them.
Find someone that loves Jesus and find someone that loves people well.
If they love others well; they'll love you well.
Marry your best friend.
That I did.
He is my best friend and the one I will trust with anything.
Happy Anniversary Babe!


Kimberlee said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.
You each found someone very special.
You're both "keepers". ;)

Lynette said...

We were just talking about your wedding/anniversary the other day! Remember how stressed I was about your hair -- I was absolutely sure that the Houston humidity would wilt it in a heartbeat! Amazing what an entire gallon of hairspray and a thousand bobby pins will do! :) So blessed to have you as my sister! Love you both!

Lisa said...

I thought of you guys today! Hope you had a great day together and were able to do something special.

Hayley said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember the special day so well. I just told some gals (from Houston that I randomly met just a couple of days ago) that even though I lived in Phoenix for 8 years, the hottest day I ever experienced was the day of your wedding. It was beautiful, though! Did you know how LOST Aaron and I got in the middle of the night in downtown, scary Houston trying to find the hotel?! Obviously we took a few wrong turns. So so so scary. To this day, I shudder thinking about it, and I know it was the Lord who got us safely to the hotel.

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