Friday, July 8, 2011

Tradition - 4th of July

We are going on 9 years of a great 4th of July tradition.
It's a Glanzer family vacation!
I can't believe it's been 9 years.
We've only done one trip "pre - kids" and that one was sort of a "trial" year I'd call it.
We have grown to a party of 16.
This year's destination was Branson, MO.
Good times.

We took in Silver Dollar city a couple days.
Sat around at the pool.
Hung out at the house.
And just enjoyed the weekend.
Silver Dollar was a highlight for my kids.


The twins weren't sure they liked this ride but then Ian and Carter wanted to do it again later.
I went with them the second time and while we were slowly climbing to the top they said, "This is my least favorite ride and my most favorite ride."

 This slushy station was like a science lab . . . you could mix any and all flavors. Very fun. I was a sucker for it.

 One of my favorite things about the rides were all the combinations!
I loved getting a chance to ride with each kid.
All four kids mixed up differently on each ride and the kids got to mix up with aunts and uncles too.

 These two girls were best of friends. They couldn't wait to get back to the butterflies on day two.

Took in a great dog show.

Mr. Canyon (my nephew) enjoyed his day too! 

Campbell (my niece) was going for the world record for most carousel rides. Each time the ride stopped she would hug the pole tight!

She was also content to be the "waver" for the rides.

My favorite ride or moment at Silver Dollar was when my family of 6 all filled up one of those circular rafts for a water ride. 
I wish I had a picture of it. 
I looked around and took in the moment that I have a family that fills the entire raft and we were riding this ride all together. 
I told the kids that I could remember, before having kids, that I would see families ride these raft rides and I'd think . . . "I hope I have a family like that someday." and now I do.
My family of 6 might be a lot of work some days but I'm so thankful for it and dream of all the things we'll fill up someday as we enjoy life and adventures together.
All that from a simple ride.
It was just one moment in the day but it was my favorite moment.

Good times at Silver Dollar!



Kimberlee said...

My parents used to take us to Silver Dollar City when my sister and I were little. Do they still have that ride, "Fire in the Hole"? We rode that at least 20 times.

I love it that your parents are continuing this tradition. That's the kind of family I HOPE we are. :)

Sweet Pea said...

Great photos and looks like you had a great time!

Lisa said...

I have lots of great memories from Silver Dollar City as a kid. I was wondering too if they still had Fire in the Hole? That was my favorite and we rode it over and over. Also always loved the big round raft ride! Glad you had a fun time!

Hayley said...

Looks so fun, and I love seeing your whole family!

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